If you’re new to Intrepid and interested in learning more, this is a great place to start.
1. What is Intrepid?
Intrepid is a global marketplace community to buy and sell professional technology and creative services. 
2. Who is Intrepid for?
If you’re a top design agency, technology, data science or digital marketing studio, we welcome you to start selling your services on the Intrepid marketplace.
3. Why use Intrepid?
The old ways of doing sales and business development are becoming less effective in the modern Internet age. With Intrepid’s business-to-business e-commerce marketplace, professional technology service providers can rapidly reach a global customer base and sell their services to leading enterprises worldwide - all without spending countless hours searching for new clients and chasing down leads. 
4. How much does Intrepid cost?
You can choose a pricing plan that suits the size and stage of your business.
5. Do I need to have any design or technical skills to use Intrepid?
No. Using Intrepid is super simple and intuitive. All you need to do is fill out your profile. If you need extra help, you can contact our support team.
6. In what countries can I use Intrepid?
You can use Intrepid in pretty much every country in the world.
7. Which languages does Intrepid support?
Just English for now, but we’re considering offering other languages in the future.